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Sand Balls

Possibilities for Sand Balls

It's possible Sand Balls is a mobile game, but a web search doesn't reveal a widely known game with that exact title. There might be a less popular game with that name or one with a slightly different title.

Sand Balls: Two Possibilities Emerge

  1. Sand Balls - Puzzle Game:

This appears to be the most likely candidate. A mobile game titled "Sand Balls - Puzzle Game" is available on the Google Play Store and other app stores. Here's a breakdown of its gameplay:

  • Concept: A physics-based puzzle game where you manipulate sand to collect colored balls.
  • Mechanics: You might draw lines or shapes in the sand to create ramps, walls, or other structures to guide the colored balls into designated collection points.
  • Challenge: The game likely features increasing difficulty with levels that introduce obstacles, moving platforms, or other challenges that require creative use of sand manipulation.

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