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Melon Playground

Melon playground is a strange game where you can completely de-stress after the stress you have to endure. Being a sandbox game means that you fully utilize your creativity to think of ways to combine the items in the game to create a combination that satisfies your creativity.

There are 4 mannequins to be used as bait, the items are divided into groups for you to easily use, and the item group wall will have its own attributes and characteristics for you to understand and easily combine with the other items.

The 4 mannequins are respectively melon (the main character of Melon playground) Pumpkin, Apple, and corn - like the characters of other sandbox games, are the main characters as their fate in the game is hard to describe. The ending depends on the player's creativity, not a linear story like other games. However, melon playground is a game to help players cope with stress, so if the player is having fun, it is already a success.

Infinite creativity of players

As a game that emphasizes creativity, you will not be able to imagine the extremely unique combinations of players. On youtube, daily videos are shared by users about their gaming process, interesting combinations and unexpected results always keep viewers excited.

A great video about the combination of melon playground and zombies, you will be amazed at the video below, it partly shows that the game gives you limitless creativity

Another video shows how players can actually become a martial arts choreographer with their creativity. You will be pleasantly surprised when you watch the video below

Melon Playground alternative

There are many different games that are similar to melon playground, and the happy room is one such game. Still the familiar sandbox game, your creativity will decide whether the game is good or bad, let's play this great game at melon playground

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