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There are three main factors that influence where you will choose to live. These are called The Three E’s - Economy, Education and Employment. Living in an urban environment is often associated with higher costs of living and less job opportunities than in a suburban or rural setting. An urban area has a high concentration of people, businesses, services and other amenities within close proximity of one another. This article will explore the many benefits of urban living as well as the challenges it may present to those who choose to move within them. The information provided here is applicable to both suburban and rural areas so read on to learn more about this

In real life, cities are complex, messy places that challenge us to build in harmony with them and not against them. From the smallest residential lot all the way up to whole communities and their resources, cities are always dynamic. And architecture needs to be able to keep up with that dynamism. Urban Stack is a new strategy board game where players must rise above the competition by building tall stacks of buildings as high as they can go in order to capture victory points. Each player starts with a small base and builds vertically from there. The first player to reach 20 victory points wins the

Well, this is a scenario where you’re trapped inside a small room with no means to escape. You don’t know what’s outside but you can be pretty sure it won’t be friendly. Well, the most important thing is that there might be something useful beyond this locked door. This is why you need to explore every nook and cranny of the place, find secret passageways and hidden compartments — anything that could help you get out of here faster. With only your wits and a little bit of luck, maybe you’ll make it out

How to play Urban Stack

Using Mouse

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