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Super Sniper Assassin

Sniper is a shooting game that you need to be very accurate and steady to complete your mission. As the name suggest,sniper focuses on deadly accuracy,rather than speed or strength. You are sent to kill a target by pulling out an arrow from a bow and releasing it at the right moment. The closer you are to the target,the faster the arrow will go and the further it will fly. To make things more challenging,you have to deal with run-of-the-mill soldiers,ranchers,teachers and kids who are just minding their own business and can’t be bothered with anything less than a death sentence. Sniping is also known as crossbow shooting because they’re literally made for it. Crossbows don’t have any projectile ammo like bows do; they shoot an extremely thin bolt of steel that’s 99% iron that’s been coated with silver (so it reflects light), creating what is arguably the most deadly form of arrows (and yes, there’s even a word for something so

The Sniper is one of the more versatile classes in FPS games. They can frag a group of enemies with ease and if need be, they’ll take down a single target with pinpoint accuracy. But even though they can do so much, most players aren’t aware that snipers actually exist in other FPS games. Let’s explore how sniper hunters work in other shooters and how you can use them to your

There’s only one way to become the deadliest sniper in the world, and that’s by training with The SAS. You must earn the trust of your teammates and Dubai’s elite SAS team by successfully completing a series of challenging, high-tech missions. Utilizing an advanced 3D combat shooting mechanic,you

How to play Super Sniper Assassin

Using Mouse

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