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Stickman Dismounting

A guide on how to Dismount in action. The Dismounting animation is one of the most essential skills in all of gaming and there are many ways to efficiently pull it off. This guide covers the most basic and essential techniques that you need to know in order to perform your best Dismount. If you’ve mastered the basics, move on to the advanced techniques section where we tackle more complex issues like dodges and

A stickman is a fictional character created by Milton Bradley in the 1930s. They are small, weak characters who have only one purpose: to help people. When these little guys get stuck, they can’t move or they can’t do their jobs properly. If you want to help your friends get out of a jam, then this game is for you! It's called "Dismounting", and you're about to learn how to do

Enter the world of Stickman Dismounting, where only the most skilled Dismounters can succeed. It’s a shooter, action platform game set in a Dismounting World. Shoot down obstacles and pick up power-ups to defeat stickmen and reach the highest score. It’s not easy, but with skill, precision and explosive power you can become the best Dismounter in the

How to play Stickman Dismounting

Using Mouse

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