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Stickdoll : God Of Archery

It’s a new era in stickman fighting! Let’s get wrecking with the sticks, and see how good of a shot you are… The Stickdoll God of Archery game is here to make your day! 2 PLAYERS, 2 SIDE. Play against friends or other players in realtime or play against the clock and see how long you can stay ahead of your enemy. Challenge your friends to games anytime, anywhere. FEATURES: • Real-Time Multiplayer• Multiple Game Modes— Defender, Juggler, Archer & more• Easy Controls and Tutorials ************* The Stickdoll god of archery is back for more fun in a bow. But this time she's not alone - there's her trusty sidekick, the hero Aric, who can turn into a spear at any moment. Together they must defeat their enemies in combat! This time it's a different kind of fight - those don't come much more deadly than arrows from an archer! Prepare yourself for an action packed stickman adventure that will have you addicted from the first arrow! *** IMPORTANT INFORMATION *** So you've played this game before? Good because we are bringing it back for one hell of an update! We're also calling it The Stickdoll God Of Archery Version 1.5 That means it's much, much better than its predecessor: • New graphics – all the way up to the gods (and goddesses) bow • Better

The Stickdoll Are Back! You know the Stickdolls – they’re the gun-toting, cloth covered mascot characters that you see at most sporting events. And now you can play as one in real life! This game is SUPER casual and focused on fun and action rather than getting your blood pumping or making you think too hard about the rules. It’s easy to pick up and play, with great graphics and a variety of stickman and weapon types. The only downside is that there isn’t any multiplayer so it’s not really for everyone. But if you like shooting guns, playing games of sticky figures and would really love to be a dastardly assassin then this is the game for

The Stickdoll is a game for 2 players where each player controls a different stickman and tries to shoot the other one until one of them is shot or run out of arrows. They also have to avoid obstacles while shooting their target. It’s very easy to play but it requires skill and strategy too. Can you master this dynamic duo and become the best stickman of them

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Using Mouse

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