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Stick War: Infinity Duel

Stick War Infinity Duel,game,2players, fighting, shooter, shoot, 1player, stickman, ai, ragdoll, war This is the most intense and realistic 3D Stick Combat game ever made! You and your opponent take control of unique characters such as ninjas or space Marines. You have only one life to dominate the battlefield and win the game. But be careful. The more damage you receive from your opponents character - the faster they get stronger! So make sure you hit back hard enough to defeat your

Build your own Infinity Duel Baghdad with this awesome DUEL Sticker! It features a unique sticker design and will bring back childhood memories of playing stickman games with friends. You'll also get to customize your favourite characters and weapons, so you can become the next best thing in Stick

All you need is a game controller and your friends to play! Sticks War will test your skills as a player, battle with your friends or fight against the computer players using tactics, strategy and weapons. You can also choose to play against the AI, just make sure your friends have a controller

How to play Stick War: Infinity Duel

Using Mouse

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