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Stick War

Stick War is a traditional method battle video game including stick numbers. This original title was released in 2009 in Flash, as well as is currently available to play in your web browser via Ruffle. Wage battle via a number of countries and bring tranquility to the continent with an enjoyable, action-packed project!

Just how to Play
Click campaign to start your Stick War journey! Your goal is to damage the opponent statue as well as relocate on to dominate the following nation.

Archidonis - the method of the archer
Swordwrath - the means of the sword
Magikill - the method of the mage
Speartons - the means of the spear
Your Mission
You are the leader of the country called "Order". Your way of peace and understanding indicates your individuals do not praise their tools as gods. This makes you a mark for seepage by the bordering nations. Your only opportunity to protect, is to attack first.

Your Story
In a world called Inamorta, you're surrounded by discriminate countries devoted to their country's innovation and battle for dominance. Each society has established its very own unique way to fight.

Proud of their unique craft, these countries have become obsessed to the point of worship, turning weapons right into religious beliefs. Each believes that their way is the only means, and also is devoted to showing their plans to all other countries via what their leaders assert as magnificent treatment. As you will know it ... War.

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Since Stick War was launched years back, a number of new titles have emerged that take influence from it. These newer games likewise innovated as well as refined the style. Have A Look At Stickman World War for a really comparable game with contemporary graphics and campaigns! Surf technique and also stickman video games for even more.

Stick War is a timeless method battle game featuring stick numbers. Wage war via a number of nations and bring tranquility to the continent through an enjoyable, action-packed campaign!

Click project to start your Stick War trip! Since Stick War was launched many years earlier, several new titles have actually arised that take impact from it. Check out Stickman World War for an extremely similar video game with contemporary graphics and also campaigns!

How to play Stick War

Using Mouse

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