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Stack Colors

Stack Colors: A Colorful Challenge

Dive into the vibrant world of Stack Colors, a fast-paced and addictive mobile game that will test your coordination and strategic skills. In this colorful adventure, players navigate a dynamic 3D environment where the objective is to stack layers of paint while racing against the clock.

Your mission is to guide a paintball through a series of platforms, each with its own unique hue. The twist? You must collect paint buckets matching the platform's color to expand your stack. Strategize your moves carefully, because a single misstep could topple your colorful tower.

As you progress through levels, the challenges become more complex, with obstacles, moving platforms, and tricky color combinations to conquer. The goal is to create the tallest and most colorful stack while racing against time constraints.

With its intuitive controls and visually captivating design, Stack Colors provides an entertaining and engaging gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. Challenge your reflexes, coordination, and color-matching skills as you aim for the highest score and become a master of stacking in this delightful mobile game.


How to play Stack Colors

Using Mouse

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