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Sheriff Shoot

Sheriff Shoot is an arcade action-shooter game about a sheriff who has to take out the gang of outlaws that don’t want to be ruled by him. The only way to do it is with force, so you need to use your guns and your fists to take them down one by one. To make the game more fun you can either play against or with other players in local or world leaderboards. Good luck! Sheriff Shoot is an Arcade Action-Shooter where you have to take out the Gang of Outlaws One By One. You have a Gun, A Fist And A Prayer. Simple? Not really. Your job as sheriff is not an easy one, especially when there are gangs roaming around that will stop at nothing to stop you from doing what’s right. Make sure you have plenty of bullets before taking on the gang because they’re always coming back for

This is a fun action-packed shooting game. Shoot the red balls to kill the blue ones. Collect stars to upgrade your character and get bonus points. The further you go, the harder it gets! Use your arrow keys or w,a,s,d or left mouse button to shoot. You can also use the spacebar to pause the game and enter shooting range mode. You can either take cover behind obstacles or stand there and shoot until you run out of ammo. The game can be challenging, so make sure you have at least 2 rounds left before trying again! There are a lot of weapons in this game that you can use, such as your standard handgun, machine gun, and sniper rifle - just make sure you have enough bullets for them

This is a sheriff simulator. You are playing as a sheriff trying to maintain law and order in the small town you live in. You take on cases of robbery, murder, etc. to earn money so you can buy new equipment, upgrades for your office, and recruit more deputies/agents. You can also use the money to build your jail and hire famous prisoners who will help you in future cases or give their services for

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Using Mouse

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