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Ragdoll Shooter

If you love to play shooting games and other types of online multiplayer shooters, then you’ll love this new webGL version of the popular Ragdoll Shooter game. You can decorate your rifle with all kinds of powerful arrows, slingshots, and even grenades! If you like playing shooting games but also like a challenge, then this is the perfect game for you. With more than 20 unique levels and various challenging modes, it’s always fun to play Ragdoll Shooter! Challenge your friends or just shoot the breeze with strangers via Steam Community or their own channels. Shoot with power and accuracy without worrying about leaving any marks on your opponent’s body. Try our demo mode before you start playing. We know it won’t be easy at first but we are confident that once you start playing Ragdoll Shooter, you will never want to stop! ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll shooter ragdoll

This is a HTML5 & CSS3 3D Hot Lava Shooting Game for mobile and desktop! The player needs to control a shooting ragdoll to hit the marked targets from as many different angles as possible. There are three difficulty levels, so start playing and have some fun! Use your mouse to aim and shoot the ragdoll. Don’t let it go through the obstacles - you can stop it with your body. Try not to drop yourRAG-doll-ness as he is inanimate but very much alive at heart. Get ready for a fun

The Shooting is a true 3D shooter game where you have to aim and shoot at your opponents. Take on the most difficult stages by going through shooting galleries with advanced AI and Shooting Stunts. Make sure not to let your opponent score a hit on you and run away with the high score! This is a fun, online HTML5 Shooting game where you can play for free. You can also join ranked or user-made games to compete with friends or other players from around the

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Using Mouse

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