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Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

It’s time to FIGHT! Become a real fighter in Ragdoll Duel Boxing, game, stickmans, stickman, boxing, fun, punch, battle, funny, 2 player,

It's the ultimate stickman boxing game! Try your hand at fighting other players with real life sticks, or create your own fighting club in this full 3D interactive stickman fighting game. You are a boxer and you gotta fight! There are three types of fists in stickman boxing: punches, headbutts and kicks. The more skills you train, the wider your repertoire. Use your hands to block, hit, grab and throw - it's all up to you in this fast-paced stickman boxing

The fun never stops when you become a boxer! Punching Bag Boxing is both a physical and mental challenge. In this stickman boxing game, you become a fighter in a boxing ring. Your goal is to hit other fighters with as much force as possible. Use your attack skills to hit the other players and knock them out of the ring. Can you win against all of the other

How to play Ragdoll Duel: Boxing

Using Mouse

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