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Ragdoll Duel

Ragdoll Duel,game,gun, shooter, bloody, io, 2players, 2-players, gunslinger, iogame, io This amazing game is a unique game. Instead of killing each other with swords or knives you fight eachother using only your head and win the game you must be able to ragdoll other players by rolling them into a ball and smothering them in can roll the player into a ball by hugging or pinning them against something hard like a they are pinned against something hard like a wall they will become helpless and cannot possible roll them into something soft such as a pillow or rug so that they can not escape but also make it harder for you to roll them into a fine cloth

This amazing game is a multiplayer gun game where two (or more) players fight each other using a ragdoll as their weapon. The concept is simple, but the execution is anything but. You see, while singleplayer games offer plenty of customization options and nuanced enemy AI, online games are generally devoid of any form of player or team co-op. So when you play with friends in a match that’s made for four players (and one teammate), it can be hard to tell who’s on which team. As such, this list of This one hacks will make playing with your friends safer and more enjoyable than ever

A duel is a combat sport where two armed participants fight to the death. Both players are given a gun and must shoot each other to win. The rules of the game state that if one player is shot, he must surrender and not play again until the other player has been shot, or he can play again with a different gun but the same rules. If you like shooting games or duels, check out Ragdoll Duel, which is a bloody and fun 2-player online game. You can also see our other online shooting

How to play Ragdoll Duel

Using Mouse

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