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Ragdoll 2 Player

The world of Ragdoll is filled with creatures that don’t belong. From the tiniest bumblebee to the largest spider, not all living things are created equal. The Ragdoll® 2 Player, game, puppet, 2-players, 2 player, collect, warrior, stickman, doll, battle system brings a brand new perspective to the fun and games of life by giving everyone a second chance! With this unique app for your devices you can play with friends in real time or challenge other players from around the world with a turn-based strategy game that will have you saying WOW

DIY DIY Dollhouse, Home Decor, Workshop, Dolls & Make-up, Make-up & Accessories, Doll Painting DIY is a general term which means do it yourself. It doesn’t have any specific meaning but we like to think of it as any activity that you can do by yourself without buying things first. For example – knitting a blanket by yourself, sewing on buttons or zig-zag … Read

The first player to destroy the opponent's doll wins! The game is played with 2 puppets. Each puppet has unique abilities, so you will have to use them all to win! The dolls can be created from different materials and with different special powers. You'll also have to learn how to control the dolls in order to

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Instruction Game Controls: Player 1: "W,A,S,D" Player 2: "ARROW KEYS"

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