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Pipol Smasher

You pick up and smash objects in this physics-based puzzle game! It’s not Tetris, but it’ll do the job! You control a paddle with two arms. The left side of the paddles face up, and the right side faces down. When you pick up an object from your path, your arm spins so that the right side of the paddle points forward. Use your trusty hammer to smash everything in sight! This is a great way for kids to learn about different types of objects and how their shape affects how they work. They can also use this as an opportunity to practice their throwing skills. Let them show off their stick-shattering skills using these fun bowling

Smashing rocks is fun, especially when you’re a kid. It could be called stickball or pugilism, and it’s played with rocks. The object is for one player to smash the boulder into smaller rocks so that no one can play again. There are many variations on the theme, but all share one thing in common: A lot of adults can’t dance like a kid. In this game, that makes you a Smasher. When you start smacking away at the rocks with your stick, you’ll feel like a kid again…except now every rock will be worth

The word pipsqueak originated in England as a jibing term for a small child, but it has since been adopted by many to describe someone who is substandard in some way. The term is now so common that most of us have probably used it without even realising. In this blog post, we’ll look at the history of the word and its use as a negative adjective, checking out examples of its use in the sentences

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Using Mouse

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