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Paddington Games is an exciting new point-and-click adventure series. The first installment of the series, This game goes all-in on family fun and surprises, thanks to its brilliant scriptwriting and charming visuals. The game sees you take control of the beloved bear from the iconic children’s books as he embarks on a brand new adventure that will introduce us to a whole new set of characters. Your task is to help him solve various problems while also helping him make friends along the way. As with any good adventure game, this one revolves around solving puzzles and exploring locations in order to progress further. Some of these puzzles are so challenging that they can be frustrating. However, once you’ve figured them out there’s always more than meets the eye. For example, there are secret passageways in some of the houses where you can find hidden items leading to other parts of the map. This makes it possible for players who want to replay certain parts of the game without having to re-explore them from

This amazing game is an eccentric and a bit of a mummy’s boy, but he loves to try new things. One day, he sees the cutest little kiosk that sells everything from ice cream to cameras. He always stops to look at all the lovely things inside, but nobody ever seems to be there. That changes one sunny afternoon when he spots something odd in front of the kiosk: a locked steel box with a sign that says it has been rented for today only. Curious about who would rent such a strange thing and what secrets are inside, This amazing game breaks into the never quite goes back in the same way again! The game features charming animated cut scenes from writer/director Paul King (Shaun the Sheep), as well as original songs by composer Tom Howe (who also created music for games like Hello

Paddington is a game about exploration and discovery. Explore the beautiful locations in This amazing game such as the richly detailed Borough Market, the sunny East Gardens, the creepy Underpass and more. Search for clues and items that will help you solve puzzles and progress further into the story. And beware of those pesky rats! This adventure-point-and-click game features gorgeous hand drawn graphics and an original soundtrack. Help This amazing game uncover his family’s mysteries by discovering clues and solving puzzles to advance through the story. And beware of those pesky

How to play Paddington

Instruction Controls: Follow the onscreen instructions to play the game.

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