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Ninja Hands

Ninja Hands is an awesome game where you play as a Ninja trying to beat your friend. The goal of the game is to take your opponent’s head. To do that, you must use your hands to grab them and pull them towards you. The catch is, the faster you grab your opponent and pull him closer, the more points you get! With 3 different game modes, 14 awesome characters, multiple difficulty settings and the ability to challenge up to 4 players simultaneously, This one has got it all! Play now and become a Ninja

This one is a simple, but addictive and challenging game. It is similar to bubble shooter or match-3 games. The objective of the game is to Tap on 2 or more same ninja hands so that they burst and other ninjas do not get caught in it. Catch as many ninjas as possible before time runs out. Unlock new characters and different clan bonuses as you progress through the levels. This game

How to play Ninja Hands

Using Mouse

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