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You're a stickman, and you have to take care of your buddies when they get kidnapped. Swing, rope and other mechanics will help you take them back home. These HOMESCRIBE TO Game HANGER 2: HTML5, GAME, ARCADE STICKMAN, PHYSICS ROPE iphone app is available in two versions. The first one - called "Homescribe To" - is a narrative game where you have to write down what happens on each page as it unfolds. You need to record every action so that when the police come they'll have all the evidence they need to catch the criminals. But beware! If you leave anything out or misunderstand something then your chances of getting caught rises greatly. The second version of the app is called "Homescribe To" - this time you play a stickman who has been kidnapped by terrorists and needs to get his friends back home without making any mistakes. You may use different mechanics such as physics or animation in order to help your buddy take care of himself - or at least hang on for a little

2 Hanger is a physics-based 2D arcade game where you control a rope to swing from one tower to the other. You need to swing your rope as high as possible without colliding with any other ropes, ladders or platforms. Make use of all the angles and wind effects available to increase your score and beat your friends online! There are two different game modes, Arcade and Leaderboards. In Arcade mode you can play against your friends or the AI. The better you perform, the more points you get for that stage and difficulty level. In order to play against the AI, you must first unlock it by winning matches in Arena

In this game, you have to catch as many fish sticks as possible by throwing them into the net. But be careful when releasing the fish sticks because they may hit other players or objects on their way to the net. Use the right stick and timing wisely to get as many fishes stuck in the net as possible! Let’s

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Using Mouse

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