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Rush For Glory is a fast-paced action arcade game where you need to keep your balance and run from one end of the track to another in order to avoid obstacles, such as traps and enemies. The faster you run, the more points you get, but watch out for falling into pits or getting hit by other racers. The game features 9 characters with unique abilities and appearances. You can also unlock new characters via in-app purchases or earn them by leveling up. Rush For Glory has a rating of 6+ which means it’s targeted at older children. Younger kids may find it boring because there are no detailed instructions on how to play, but older kids will love the fast gameplay and extreme challenges that come with playing Rush For

Giant Rush is a game that you will never get bored with. It’s a fighting game where you need to beat the boss at every levels in order to unlock next level. The only thing you need to do is find the correct way how to attack it. It’s a very challenging arcade games but also very fun when you manage to beat each level for first time. You can choose one of your favorite character and explore all the levels by yourself or let other users help by commenting theirs solutions and attempting theirs answers together. The more people playing, the greater chance that we can beat it and unlock new levels. Don’t forget to share your results with us so we can have stronger

Giant Rush is an action game based on the racing genre. The player controls a small creature that can grow to various sizes and fly to great heights. As the game progresses, more creatures will join and they will all compete against each other, so the race must be fast. The player can also upgrade their racer's abilities and

How to play Giant Rush!

Using Mouse

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