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Evil Santa

Get ready for the most insane round of festive fun around! Santa Claus is coming to town to deliver gifts and spark some much-wanted holiday cheer. As the ultimate gift giver and provider, he must deliver presents to all the right people at the right time. But why is he so inscrutable? Every year, Santa goes through a period of total inaccessibility known as "The Great Winter Silence" from November 1st until the first days of spring. The reason for this supernatural seal is still a secret, but it's believed that by not interacting with humans during this time, he is able to spend more time with his elves and prepare for his annual visit from Christmas Eve forward. No elf would ever consider breaking the rules, so what do you suppose happens when you give them something they really want? Enter: The Great Christmas Clue Hunt! A mysterious informant has sent you an assignment: Find Santa's legendary reindeer hooves in each of six special scents surrounding the igloo where his tracks are found. The more complex your hunt, the better your chance of finding them all and winning a grand prize worth thousands of dollars. But that's not all — you'll also find clues that lead you on a quest to uncover what some call "the meaning of Christmas." Other sleuths are sure to call you crazy, but who can resist a challenge worth taking on in icy cold

Santa-themed Clicker and Action Game - Christmas is coming! Help Santa deliver presents to the children by clicking and shooting red orbs. Santa will shoot at the Reindeer if they get in his way, which will slow him down. Use your mouse to aim the crosshair and shoot the red orb of Santa's choice. Make sure that all reindeers are back home by midnight before going back home for a rest on Christmas

Spray Santa with water to get him to leave the house for the final time. Spray Santa with water to get him to leave the house for the final time. Spray Santa with water to get him to leave the house for the final

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