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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

Eco Inc is a top-down, turn-based, real-time strategy game set in an ambient and realistic post-cataclysmic Earth scenario on an active volcano. In the game, you will have to make decisions regarding how to manage and conserve resources in a world that has been devastated by volcanic activity and the flood of refugees. Make the right choices and your civilization will grow stronger. Make the wrong decisions and it will fall apart. Save The Earth is played from a third-person, over-the-shoulder view where you control either one or more civilizations. However, there are many smaller civilizations that are hidden among them. Search for them all! Each civilization in Eco Inc has their own storyline with its own goals to accomplish. To achieve those goals, these civilizations need to form alliances with one another or declare war on one another. The rewards are great for playing as the "wise" side of this situation as well as playing as the greedy side that goes after what it wants without any regard for

Eco Inc. is a game where you save the environment from destruction and become the next great savior of Earth. By collecting green energy orbs and destroying factories that produce black energy, you can transform your country into an environmentally-friendly utopia. But be careful, because those happy green days might just turn Eco Inc Save The Earth! Game details PC: Eco Inc Save The Earth is a real-time strategy sandbox game set in the future. You take on the role of either a small group of people who have realized the environmental crisis or an entire country that has been left without hope by other countries. In either case, you must fight for control of resources and shape your nation's future by industrial production, population growth or pollution

Eco Inc is a game created by EcoGame which aims to be the most sustainable real-time-strategy game on the this sandbox 3D strategy game, you will explore a post apocalyptic Earth where pollution has led to climate change, overpopulation and resource starvation. As the new leader of the last human civilisation, your goal is to create a peaceful and prosperous civilization by managing resources wisely, managing ecosystems and reducing waste. You can do this through farming, lumbering, mining or renewable energy production. All this while fighting against other humans who seek to destroy your world or gain control of your resources for their own

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Using Mouse

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