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Drunken Boxing

This game is a simple game, and it is super simple. You just punch the drunk guy in the face. All you have to do is hit him with a Punch. If you connect with the right amount of force, he will then pass out or "Drunken." If he remains Drunken for too long, he will get sick and possibly vomit on you or your teammates. This can result in disaster and leave you all out of a match. But don't worry! You can help your team by panicking or punching him as hard as possible - this will make him pass out faster and prevent them from getting any further than they were already going. It's that

You are a bartender who has been tasked with watching over two drunk boxing fans. You will keep them under control until the matches end, and then carry their drunk friends home. Do not let them drive or order any alcoholic beverages! Your job is to just sit there and avoid getting hit by the punches! Have fun with this game - "Drunken

Do you love drinking? If so, this game is for

How to play Drunken Boxing

Using Mouse

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