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I’ve been into games my whole life, and as such, I have a deep love for the genre. I’m not a big player of traditional console games, but if there’s something I can play to improve my gaming skills and make me more efficient at attack, defense, and planning out my strategy for victory, then I’m all ears. That being said, I’ve never been able to play shooting games with a high skill-level because they always feel like too much work. It requires a lot of focus and concentration that I simply do not have in abundance. But with the release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the Nintendo eShop, everything changed for me. It broke down every barrier I had up until this point in trying to play a game that is clearly intended for children. Kids are able to enjoy these types of games—and by “children” I mean players who are simply learning to play without parents or other players being present. Parents need to understand that playing with your kids will be different than playing with non-players. Kids will most likely not be interested in strategizing with grownups; instead they want to follow their favorite characters through elaborate levels and knock over as many blocks as they can while avoiding falling blocks. That being said… is it really possible for anyone — even someone as simple-minded as me —to learn how to play? Let us

This is the best game you will ever play! It's a simple concept, but a fun one: you are limited to only shooting as many balls as you can in a set amount of time. With more than 300 million downloads and counting, Remote Control King is the world’s most popular ragdoll shooter game. If you like spaceships, lasers, robots, and space battles all combined into one fun game experience, you’ll love it! Try our other games for a different kind of challenge. If you get stuck, check out the FAQ or ask for help on the forums. Have a great time shooting those balls and have

What do you do when you need to finish shooting a ball but there are so many balls that it’s impossible? You use a ragdoll! This is what the kids of Deul Kids have invented. The game is called “Ragdoll Kids” and it is so much fun that we decided to make an app for all of

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Using Mouse

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