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Destroy the Stickman

Destroy The Stickman is a casual physics based all the stickmen before they destroy you!Guide your ball and chain through a series of challenging levels while destroying as many stickmen as you can.A simple twist on the classic arcade game,but with much more to offer. This amazing game - Earn Balls & Trophies Get your reward for destroying every stickman. Bring down the total with each level cleared, and unlock new balls and upgrades to make it through harder stages faster. Use combination of physics, gravity, speed and your wits to destroy all stickmen at any cost. This amazing game - Simple? No way! Every level is hard! Use your skills, speed and power-ups to crush all stickmen before they destroy you! This amazing game - Challenging? Yes And No Each stage is harder than the one before it, so work out your strategies carefully trying not to get hit by the falling sticks or fall into pits that house destroyed stickmen. Stay alert and avoid obstacles if you want to survive long enough to earn golden balls and unlocks new balls and upgrades with each level completed. If you get hit by any sticks or pits, forget about ever playing this game again! You can start again from a checkpoint or try another challenge at random (by choosing an option from previous challenges). Try playing for free; this game has some very addictive gameplay that won't let you go until you've destroyed every last stickman! Save

Destroy the stickman and save the day! Destroy The Stickman is a casual physics based game. Use your mouse to destroy the sticks that make up the enemy's army. Collect power-ups to destroy more sticks and win each level. Use the arrows keys to control your character and shoot with your arrow keys. Hint: You can also push, pull, and flip switches with your arrow keys in addition to shooting them with your mouse. Play through 10 challenging levels in this simple yet addictive game. This amazing game Destroy Enemy Sticks, game, mobile, fall, casual, physics, fall, pc, stickman, mobile,

Destroy The StickMan is an easy to play but hard to master physics based game. Your goal is simple; destroy all of the cubes in the picture above. How long can you last? Great fun for all ages, no matter how old you are or whether you’re a beginner or a pro at this! Destroying the sticksman starts out easy, getting only three sticks. Once that’s mastered and you can go for as many cubes as possible, it gets harder and harder! The more sticks you destroy the faster they come. With over 100 levels of gameplay your scope of action will never be the same

How to play Destroy the Stickman

Instruction The controls are quite simple. If you play on a computer, then you control the mouse. If on a mobile device - touch the desired buttons on the screen. Click on the triangle to start the run-up. Then press the jump button at the right moment.

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