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Cubes is a popular puzzle game that combines elements of the classic 2048 game with a 3D cube twist. In this game, you merge cubes with the same numbers to create higher-numbered cubes and try to reach the target number, which is usually 2048. Here are the game mechanics and rules for Cubes

Objective: The objective of the game is to merge cubes to reach the highest possible number, typically 2048 or a higher target set by the game.

Game Mechanics:

  1. Cube Movement: The game is played on a 3D cube grid. You can swipe or click on the screen to move all the cubes in one direction—up, down, left, or right. When you make a move, all the cubes on the grid move in that direction until they hit an obstacle.

  2. Cube Merging: When two cubes with the same number collide as a result of a move, they merge into a single cube with their combined value. For example, if you merge two "2" cubes, they will become one "4" cube.

  3. Target Cube: The target cube, often labeled "2048" but sometimes set at a higher number, is your ultimate goal. You win the game when you create a cube with this target value.

  4. Cube Generation: New cubes with a value of "2" or "4" will appear on the grid after every move. These new cubes are usually placed randomly on the grid.

  5. Game Over: The game is over when there are no valid moves left, i.e., when you can't merge any more cubes or make any more moves.


  1. To merge cubes, they must have the same number and collide in the direction you're moving them. For example, if you have two "4" cubes, and you swipe right, they will merge into an "8" cube.

  2. You can only merge two cubes at a time. If you have three or more cubes with the same number in a row or column, you'll need to make multiple moves to merge them all.

  3. Be strategic and plan your moves. Think ahead to avoid running out of space on the grid, as this will limit your options.

  4. Keep an eye on the target cube. Your primary goal is to create a cube with the target value.

  5. The game may offer power-ups or bonuses to help you progress, but these can vary depending on the version or variant of Cubes you are playing.

  6. Your final score is typically based on the highest cube value you achieve and the number of moves it took you to get there.

Cubes is a fun and addictive puzzle game that requires both strategy and patience. By mastering the mechanics and following the rules, you can aim for high scores and reach the target cube value to win the game. Enjoy playing!


How to play Cubes

Using Mouse

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