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Color Galaxy

Color io is a multiplayer online battle game which combines action, strategy and skill. You can play with your friends and clan against other clans. In this io game you can choose one of three types of characters Thief, Scout or Marksman. As a player you have to make strategic decisions in order to win the match. Use your ability wisely and protect yourself from enemies, or go for an all-out attack if you think that it will be enough to capture the opponent’s flag. The map of the game is different for every single round and it will also change during the course of the match if you fail to capture the opponent’s flag in time. That’s why you should pay attention not only on your own moves but also on how your opponents react to

Color is a simple but addicting io game. You have to use your logic, speed and skills to destroy the color balls with your car. On every level you have to come first before the time runs out. Colors are not only limited to blue, yellow or red- there are also green colors, purple colors, and even white colors that exist in the world. Also you can destroy more than one color at a time because they all belong to different categories, including blue and yellow colors which belong to the same category - ecspecially if they are mixed together! And don’t forget about those ultimate black colors that will take you straight to hell if you get hit by them! Are you ready for this challenge? Try it out

Friendzio is a multiplayer color based game, where you have to destroy your opponents by matching the same color. The game is played in an arena with walls on all four sides. You need the strategy and tactics to win against your enemies and become the best player. Challenge your friends or go against them in this multiplayer io game for pc! In this io game for pc, you have to control a car that can change its color at will to advance through the levels. Your car has three different kind of weapons it can use: guns, missiles and lasers. You also have other powerups like invisibility, shields and speed boosts that help you win as well as give you an advantage over your

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Using Mouse

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