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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an idle/incremental game where the primary objective is to defeat monsters and progress through different levels. The gameplay revolves around clicking on the monsters to damage them and hiring heroes to automatically attack them. Here's how to play and earn points or progress in Clicker Heroes:

  1. Defeat Monsters:

    • The core mechanic of the game involves clicking on monsters to deal damage and defeat them. Each monster you defeat awards you with gold.
  2. Earn Gold:

    • Gold is the primary currency in Clicker Heroes. You earn gold by defeating monsters. The amount of gold you receive increases as you progress to higher levels and defeat stronger monsters.
  3. Hire Heroes:

    • With the gold you earn, you can hire heroes. Heroes are automated characters that attack monsters for you. Each hero has its own damage output and cost. Purchase and upgrade heroes to increase your overall damage per second (DPS).
  4. Level Up Heroes:

    • As you earn more gold, level up your heroes to increase their damage output. The higher the level of your heroes, the more DPS they contribute to your monster-slaying efforts.

Clicker Heroes is known for its addictive and incremental nature, where you continuously improve and optimize your gameplay to reach higher levels and defeat tougher monsters. It's important to strategize, upgrade your heroes wisely, and make the most of your gold and hero souls to progress efficiently.


How to play Clicker Heroes

Using Mouse

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