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Bubble Shooter Pop it Now!

The aim of the game is to shoot coloured balls in order to make at least 3 in a row to pop them. If you manage to pop all the bubbles within 3 shoots, it will give you 1 extra life. Good

Here we have another simple and very addictive free online game for object of this game is to clear all the bubbles by shooting them with the bubble shooter your skills to aim and shoot the bubbles in such a way that they reach the bottom of the screen. The more bubbles you clear,the more points you get three stars if you finish the level within the time limit and without any forget that each level gets harder as you progress so try to finish each level as quickly as possible to unlock new levels faster. There are several different types of bubble shooters available on android market but most of them are really hard so we decided to make our own version which is an attempt at keeping it simple and not making it too difficult for anyone who wants to play it for

Bubble Shooter is the most talked and played game on Google Play. Have you played it? If not, you must try it as soon as possible! The objective of this game is to shoot colored balls in order to create combinations of three or more same colored balls in a single shot. You have to clear all the balls from the board by using the help of special power-ups like timer, bomb and so on. This will surely keep you entertained for

How to play Bubble Shooter Pop it Now!

Using Mouse

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