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Bone Breaker Tycoon

It’s the ultimate derby game where players roll dice to become kings of bone breakers. It's a fast-paced, crazy and addictive game. But that doesn’t mean it is without its

Smash Bones is a game of smashing bones along with other fun elements such as upgrades, collected bones, and more. It’s the hit iPhone and Android game from Oiltycoon! Smash Bones features an original take on the classic bones-to-Heaven puzzle game. You control a character who has special powers called Bonebreakers or Boneshatter to smash bones along with other objects in order to collect stars and get even more bones to break. Upgrade your character with different abilities such as Super Boneshatter or Mobile Bonebreaker which helps you move faster or collect bonus stars by smashing other bones. With over 200 levels of gameplay and 5 different character types, Smash Bones will keep you coming back for

Smash Bones is an incremental game where you upgrade your machine to crush bones. The goal is to be the first one to own or destroy as many bones as possible in a single play session. You start with a simple Bones crusher and have to work towards upgrading it with new and improved features such as: Jaw strength, Speed, Acceleration, Turn radius, Collapse distance, and Repulsion. As long as you keep upgrading and adding new bones breaking machines, you will remain the top dog and win the game! Use your mouse to

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Using Mouse

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