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Baby Dolls: Surprise Eggs Opening

The lucky owners of the new Baby Dolls Surprise Eggs will receive a baby doll in egg form! New Baby Dolls Surprise Eggs are only available for a limited time. Each Baby Doll comes in her own surprise egg and will hatch into a baby doll that you can give as a gift! This new game mode is perfect for families with little ones who love Eggnog, or anyone who wants to reduce their sugar intake before the New

The Ragdoll Surprise Eggs Opening is a game where you make dolls and surprise them with eggs. It's not really that hard. These eggs are super-special. You open them with a surprise. If you guess the egg correctly, it gives you the opportunity to get an exclusive Ragdoll doll that comes with a special surprise

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How to play Baby Dolls: Surprise Eggs Opening

Using Mouse

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