Share is an exciting online multiplayer game that blends elements of action, strategy, and agility into a captivating gaming experience. In this fast-paced world, players take on the persona of colorful cells and navigate a dynamic environment teeming with other players. Your objective? To grow larger, dominate the arena, and become the biggest cell in the game.

As you progress in, you can absorb smaller cells to increase your size, but beware – larger cells will be on the hunt to consume you as well. Strategy comes into play as you strategically navigate the terrain, utilize power-ups, and avoid becoming someone else's meal. Team up with friends or go solo in this ever-evolving battle for supremacy, where agility and tactics will determine your success.

Are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of, where survival and growth are the name of the game? Join the frenzy, outwit your opponents, and aim to reign supreme in this addictive online multiplayer experience.


How to play

Using Mouse


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