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2248 is a popular mobile puzzle video game that tests gamers to combine phoned number blocks to reach the target number of 2248. The game is easy to recognize, but tough to master, making it habit forming and also fun to play.

When 2 blocks of the very same worth are combined, they integrate into a solitary block of double the worth. Two 2 blocks merge to create a 4 block, and 2 4 blocks merge to create an 8 block.

The goal of the game is to get to the block with the worth of 2248 by continually merging blocks. As the game proceeds, it becomes a lot more challenging to get to the target. New blocks are contributed to the grid with each step, and the gamer has to strategize to make one of the most reliable merges possible.

The game's user interface is aesthetically enticing and also simple, with simple animations as well as vivid colors. There are no time at all restrictions, making it a relaxing game to play at whenever.

2248 has numerous functions that keep players involved, such as everyday challenges and also leaderboards. The everyday challenges provide gamers the opportunity to earn added points as well as compete versus various other players around the world.

To conclude, 2248 is a challenging as well as entertaining challenge game that is easy to find out but tough to master. Its simple interface, unwinding gameplay, and also different functions make it a fantastic means to waste time and also challenge your mind.

When 2 blocks of the same value are combined, they integrate into a solitary block of dual the worth. Two 2 blocks merge to create a 4 block, as well as two 4 blocks merge to develop an 8 block.

The objective of the game is to reach the block with the value of 2248 by continuously combining blocks.

How to play 2248

Using Mouse

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